Mutual Aid Tanker Drill
By Asst. Chief Patrick Strang
October 13, 2020

On Tuesday evening the Continental Village Fire Department was involved in a mutual aid tanker drill at Briarcliff Fire Department along with Croton Fire Department, Pocantico Hills Fire Department and Millwood Fire Department. Units demonstrated how to setup the portable pools and how to draft out of them. Briarcliff Fire Department relayed water from Engine 92 to Engine 93 which relayed water to Braircliff Tower Ladder 40. We would like to thank the Briarcliff Fire Department for the invite and we look forward to working with you in the very near future

Units: Car 2132, Car 2133, Tanker 11, Engine 231
Mutual Aid: Car 2051, Car 2052, Car 2053, Engine 92, Engine 93, Tower Ladder 40, Car 2251, Car 2252, Tanker 15, Utility 44, Car 2081, Tanker 10, Car 2381, Car 2382, Car 2383, Tanker 12