MVA With Injuries, Route 9
March 24, 2022

On Thursday Evening the Continental Village Fire Department was dispatched to route 9 in the area south of Morgan court for a 3 car MVA with a head on and a rollover. As this is the border of the Continental Village FD and Garrison FD districts both departments were dispatched. Upon arrival it was discovered that all the vehicles were in the CVFD fire district and all occupants were out of their vehicles. Garrison FD was returned to service as Continental Village had plenty of manpower and equipment. Units helped EMS package the patents for transport and stabilized the over turned van until it could be removed.

Units: 14-1-1, 14-1-2, 14-1-3, 14-2-1, 14-6-1, 14-6-2
Mutual Aid: Garrison FD