Structure Fire, Radio Terrace
By Lieutenant Justin Loja
January 17, 2023

On Monday morning, while operating at an MVA prior, Continental Village Fire Department, along with Putnam Valley FAST and Garrison on standby in quarters, was dispatched to Radio Terrace for a reported structure fire. Car 2131 and Engine 231 diverted from the MVA on Sprout Brook Road to the scene of the reported fire. Upon arrival Car 2131 had heavy smoke from a building towards the back of the property and transmitted the 10-75, as well as requested an engine from Mohegan FD, The 10-75 brought in an engine from Peekskill FD, Peekskill VAC (Ambulance and Rehab), Cascade from Buchanan FD, and an engine from Montrose VA. Car 2131 conducted a primary search and confirmed that the building was unoccupied. Engine 232 had arrived on scene and firefighters quickly went to work on deploying hoselines to the building. Shortly after, Engine 231 had arrived on location and assisted with suppressing the fire. County Hazmat was also requested due to multiple propane tanks stored inside the building. Once the fire was knocked down, Units continued to check for extensions and hot spots. All units cleared the scene at around 2pm.

Units: Car 2131, Car 2132, Engine 232, Engine 231, MA-4
Mutual Aid: Mohegan FD (Engine), Peekskill FD (Engine), Peekskill VAC (Ambulance and Rehab), Putnam Valley FD (FAST), Buchanan FD (Cascade), Montrose VA (Engine), Garrison (Engine), County Hazmat.