Brush Fire - Cortlandt Lake
By Captain Robert Higgins
February 13, 2023

On Monday afternoon, the Continental Village Fire Department was dispatched to an odor of smoke in the proximity of Schuyler and Stuben. On arrival, 14-1-1 reported a 120' x 15' Brush Fire along the shoreline of Cortlandt Lake. 14-3-1 (Brush Truck) was requested to the scene, and a water supply was established with 14-4-1 (Tanker). Firefighters used the high-pressure hose from the Brush Truck to put water on the fire, and raked the area out extensively to drown out hot spots.

Units: 14-1-1 (Car 2131), 14-1-2 (Car 2132), 14-2-1 (E231), 14-3-1 (MA4), 14-4-1 (Tanker 11)