Tree down w/ Wires
By Lieutenant Justin Loja
April 23, 2023

On Sunday afternoon, around 2pm, A CVFD officer called in a tree down with wires involved in the area of Highland Drive. Once CVFD was dispatched units closed off the road at Ox Yoke/Highland and Winston/Highland. The poles involved were provided to the dispatching center and Central Hudson was notified. Units remained on scene guiding traffic and making sure no hazards worsened. Central Hudson arrived on scene and informed Car 2132 to secure the roadway until a bigger truck could come in to take car of the transformer and wires. Rescue 69 and MA-4 taped and secured the roads on each end to ensure no traffic would come through. Once this was done all units went back in service. CVFD was back in service at approximately 3pm.

Units: Car 2132, Rescue 69, MA-4