Ground Ladder Drill
By Higgins
May 16, 2023

On Tuesday, 5/16, firefighters trained on ground ladders, focusing on various aspects of ladder operations. The session commenced with a review of ladder locations on the apparatus and familiarization with the different types of ladders available. Additionally, firefighters learned ladder terminology and the purpose behind deploying ladders effectively.

During the evolutions, firefighters practiced ascending the ladder, deploying a roof ladder, and establishing a stable working position on the roof. They gained hands-on experience in ladder placement and proper techniques for securing the ladder to ensure stability.

In another evolution, firefighters learned how to ascend the ladder while carrying essential tools such as a city hook, irons, and roof saw. This exercise emphasized the importance of safely and efficiently accessing elevated locations with necessary equipment.

Overall, the drill provided valuable training in ladder operations, equipping our firefighters with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate various scenarios and contribute to successful firefighting operations.